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The History of United Lutheran Church

United Evangelical Lutheran Church, founded in 2007, has a rich history.  United started as two separate congregations, Messiah Lutheran Church and Faith Lutheran Church, once these two churches became yoked Pastor Paul Walker became the pastor of both congregations worshiping separately, these two congregations began to know one another through activities, music, and fellowship.  In 2006 this yoked congregation started the process of becoming one congregation and on January 28, 2007 became United Lutheran Church.  At that time we became a Redevelopment Church under the Northern Illinois Synod and had many new decisions to make including where to worship.  After the sale of the Messiah Lutheran Church property, the economy took a fall and we were unable to sell the Faith Lutheran Church property.  After several offers on a new location it was decided that United would remain at our current 3630 N. Rockton Ave. location and that we would grow our congregation here. 


The members of United Lutheran Church believe in God's purpose for us.  We are dedicated, hardworking and strong and continue to grow our church community.   

March 07, 2021


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